5 wedding photography tips for a memorable St Louis wedding!

We can safely say that St Louis is one of the most amazing places to tie the knot! From the beauty of the Mississippi River to its historical allure, and from being a gateway to the West to its thriving culture – you won’t be left short of places to realize your dream wedding. Naturally, the framing of your memories will be one of your top priorities when planning your big day, so we thought it would be a wonderful idea to let you in on some St Louis wedding photography tips. Have a look!

  1. Use your location wisely

Channel the beauty of the Midwest scenery. Regardless of the venue you’ve chosen, make sure to use the location completely for your photos. When it comes to capturing memorable Midwest wedding photography, there is an abundance of places to choose from – barns, vineyards, urban chic, golf courses, and more. All of these provide you with picturesque settings to complement your story. Our recommendation is not to travel a lot between shooting spots and lose time. Instead, make good use of your location.

St Louis wedding photographer
  1. Golden hour magic

We cannot stress this enough – plan some time for the golden hour! Trust us, your St Louis wedding photography will be completely elevated if you have your session during this magical part of the day. Sneak out with your photographer and have intimate portraiture with your beloved, simply surrendering to the moment. It creates an ethereal note which looks amazing and candid. If we were to pick a location where this hour excels, we would definitely choose a vineyard. It pairs beautifully with nostalgic weddings.

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  1. Plan enough time for every event

Another vital aspect is planning a well-curated timeline for STL weddings. Allow yourself to add ample time for every event and let your story unfold seamlessly. We definitely want to put an emphasis on your hair and makeup preparations – plan more cushion time because if this part is running late, that would create difficulties for getting in time for the ceremony. Plan an extra hour, just in case. Plus, this will allow your St Louis wedding photography team to portray the essence of the morning and capture all the meaningful details.

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  1. Posing – DOs and DONTs

Midwest wedding photography is all about savoring the natural beauty of the couple, letting them be their natural selves. Of course, you will be gently guided for certain poses but nothing too drastic. As photographers we understand that you probably don’t have experience, so we know how to do everything unobtrusively and relax you. Your comfort means everything to us! Our best tip is to keep it natural and enjoy your little bubble, we will guide you for everything. However, we wouldn’t recommend over-practicing your poses – especially smiling. Trust us, instead of looking natural, you will overthink it.

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  1. Trust your photographer

We are professionals for a reason, so remember the following – we are there to extract the best of your story while making you feel stress-free. What is important is for you to be relaxed. That way we can capture candid moments wonderfully. Aside from that, we know how much time you’ve spent planning every detail, and we will make sure that everything is included. After all, the details complete your wedding tale! Trusting your photographer is vital as it will allow you to feel at ease in their presence, knowing that your memories are in safe hands.

We hope you found our tips for St Louis wedding photography helpful! If you need visual storytellers for your STL wedding, then get in touch – we would love to hear from you! To discover more tips and ideas, read more of our articles.

St Louis wedding photographer
St Louis wedding photographer

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