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The wedding at the Bethel United Pentecostal Church near St Louis, MO was, to say the least., gorgeous. It started out just like any other wedding, capturing images of the girls getting ready. Hannah’s family was very nice and welcoming. They seemed very happy that Hannah was having her wedding in this stressful covid-19 time.

With 19 putting constraints on wedding sizes Hannah’s guest list was very intimate which I think allows the bride and groom to enjoy their day even more. 

After taking the girl’s photos while they were getting ready, I wandered up to the house where the grooms are getting ready. I was able to help the Grooms out by pinning all their boutonnieres on which I learned while doing wedding photography. If you would like to learn how to pin boutonnieres on, see this blog.

Once all the boutonnieres are pinned on I took Damien to the side to get some images of just him alone. I think they turned out very well!

We finished the groom shots, then we all went down to the front of  Bethel United Pentecostal Church in St Charles and took more of the groom’s shots with his groomsmen. We all had a great time. It can be difficult getting grooms and his groomsmen images, but I have come to enjoy them.

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It was time for the ceremony. Damien had a little surprise that he didn’t tell anyone about during the middle of the ceremony. He played a song that he wrote on the piano for Hannah. I love capturing little moments like this that are original to the couple.

The bridal party and I then went to old St. Charles in Missouri. We started at The Boathouse in front of the river, that’s where we got the majority of the bridal party. After we were through getting the bridal party images I took Hannah and Damian to the front of the riverfront for pictures of them alone. Then we went over to this amazing little Bridge and got the rest of their pictures together.

After that was all finished we went to salt and smoke to have the reception dinner. Again it was a very intimate reception,  that was amazing with their supporting family and bridal party. 

On their way out Damien and Hannah had a bubble exit. Which I haven’t gotten to do many of so, they turned out amazing.

Hannah and Damien left right after the exit to head to their honeymoon in Branson Missouri. they were a fun couple to photograph on their wedding day. 

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wedding party at the worlds fair pavilion forest park

Absolutely Beautiful Wedding at Bethel United Pentecostal Church in St Charles – Hanna & Damian

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