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Boy, it was hot, one of the hottest days of the year. Sometimes being a wedding photographer is not for the faint at heart. But hay this day was not about me it is all part of the job and I will sweat or freeze for my couples. And sweat we did.

Brookdale Farms offers an intimate and convenient getting-ready area that was great for Jess and her girls to get ready in. I love when everything takes place at the venue, it makes it so much easier on everyone involved when there is not much moving around to be done.

After the girls were all ready we had plenty of time to get some awesome photos with Jess and her girls, the only problem, was the scorching heat. So in order to keep the girls from sweating off all their hard work, I kept them inside and captured some images of them hanging out for a bit before we went outside to get images in the blazing heat.

Once Mike and his guys arrived we still had plenty of time before the ceremony. So we go to do some awesome images with just Mike and with the fellas. But there was a big problem, have you heard how hot suits can get? They are like a little furnace. And Mike could not go into the one place that was cool because Jess was in there and they didn’t opt for a first look. Mike had to wait in the scorching heat with no water until the ceremony started.

The ceremony was also outside and mostly in direct sunlight. It was still hot but they powered through and it was an awesome ceremony.

After the ceremony, we got ready for the food which turned out to be amazing!

During the toast, something really cool happened. Mike and Jess’s two youngest daughters sang them a song it was adorable.

Then we moved into the first dances the sun had started to set at this point so the doors were opened and the first dance was outside. Mike and Jess were amazing, but I think Mike and his mom stole the show they had an awesome dance together.

We closed our night with an awesome sunset shoot with just me and the couple which is one of my favorite parts of the night it.

Are you willing to invest in missed moments? We didn’t think so. Contact us to ensure your wedding day is captured by professionals.

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Brookdale Farms wedding venue | Mike and Jess

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