Photo and Video, on your wedding day.

If you are looking for a photographer you might have heard some might offer this service some might not. You might be asking yourself “how is this even possible, and is it worth it”? Well, I would love to explain it to you.

Now, I must first start by saying that I am primarily a wedding photographer. While I can capture video on your amazing day, there are videographers out there that have made capturing video their sole mission and are very good at it. So if you are wanting quality our of each services hire a professional that is going to concentrate on photo or video alone.

That being said as you can see from the video examples below I can do a good job capturing video on your wedding day while also capturing amazing photos.

Benefits of having one team.

There are some benefits of having just one team. As a requirement for capturing video, I do require a second photographer to accompany me. This is helpful for a few reasons.

First and most importantly is not missing moments. I hire a second (most of the time my wife) to make sure that we are capturing enough content for both photo and video.

The second has to be overcrowding, if you hire both photo and video odds are you will have up to 4+ people following you around. Imagine for a second 4+ people telling you what to do all at once. Now this doesn’t happen all the time and most of the time the videographer will take the photographers lead so that the photographer will pose you and the videographer will walk around hopefully not getting in the way of the photographers photos, equally the photographer should have enough space for the videographer to get the content they need. With just the two of us (possibly three) we can do our job and not getting each other’s way because we are on the same team we are use to working together and knowing the flow where we should be and when.

After that is communication, now I am not saying I would not communicate with videographers, I love talking with and meeting other vendors. I have made a lot of friends in the wedding industry this way. But if it is just me and my team, I can tell them where to be and what I need them to capture this way you don’t see a random photographer in your video or a videographer in your images. We work in tandem. (<–love that word haha)

Now, all the reasons mentioned above doesn’t mean you shouldn’t not hire a videographer. Again, I have worked great with a video teams. But I have no control over where they stand or what they do, their workflow and ideas are theirs as it should be, they care about doing their job as they should regardless of whether they happen to be in my shot or not, and vise versa. I am not saying they would do it on purpose but there is a lack of communication.

So How is it done? The technical.

So how is this all done? Well, really the only thing that makes me special is that I have taken the time to learn both sides, photo, and video. How to capture a good story on your day and how to process all of the raw material once I get home. Most camera equipment now can do this, however, a photographer/videographer also has to take the time to learn and set up their equipment to get the most out of it. And there is a learning curve.

The why…

But why would you not just hire a videographer? That is a great question, as I stated before I am primarily a wedding photographer. So for me, photography comes first. If you hire video only they should be focused on just that and should deliver something amazing with more content than I would be able to do capturing both, it all comes down to time really, but as I said before there are links below for you to view the work I have completed. So you can be the judge. If you are interested in more information feel free to reach out in the contact form below.

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