Ask these 5 questions Before Highering a Wedding Photographer.

5 Questions To Ask a Wedding Photographer Before Highering Them.

  1. What is your plan if your camera malfunctions and quits working?
    • This is probably the most important question to ask.
      1. If your wedding photographer does not have a backup camera, then they will be unable to capture your wedding day. 
Broken camera at wedding
  1. How many weddings have you shot as the lead photographer?
    • This question will give you an idea of how experienced the photographer is, this does not mean the photographer needs 100+ plus weddings to be great I have worked with some that only have shot 10 and are amazing.
      1. If they have not said that they have shot enough for what sounds good in your head then don’t hire them. You should feel comfortable with the photographer you are hiring they will be with you the entire day. 
Wedding Math image
  1. What is the golden hour?
    • If the photographer does not know the term then turn and head for the hills, DO NOT BOOK THEM! This is a term that all experienced photographers know. It is the time right before the sunsets. It is a peak time for perfect lighting.
      1. Even if you don’t plan on taking images during golden hour this is a good little test to find out if the photographer you are inquiring with knows when this time tends to occur. 
St Louis engagement picture
  1. What happens if you get sick and cannot shoot my wedding?
    • This is a good one and will make the photographer tell you their plan B. Most photographers are booked over a year in advance and a lot can happen in a year as we all know. They should have a group of photographers that they know and trust and have worked with to cover them during these occasions.
      1. This is very tricky as I said photographers tend to book out for a year so it can be hard to find coverage if your photographer ends up not feeling well or if something bad happens. I have photographer friends that can cover for me in my time of need.
sick wedding photographer St louis
  1. Do you or Can you use Artificial Light.
    • Artificial light can look unnatural and some tend to use it ineffectively. However, using off-camera light can create scenes that can look amazing and dramatic. Also, if they’re in a situation where the lighting is not ideal they need to have the knowledge of using artificial light for example indoors with little to no light sources.
      1. I personally try to use my lights in creative ways and when I need them in tough lighting situations I am ready and able to use them as should the photographer you higher. 
Wedding Photos valeri and aaron at Glenmark Farms

This is not a make or break list if your photographer does not have an answer for one or two of these they can normally get by. This list is just something to keep in mind when talking with a photographer/photographers for your wedding day. 

Moments on a wedding day only happen once. So make sure your photographer of choice has the tools for anything that might happen. That way you have less stress on your wedding day and you get to enjoy it! 

Broken camera at wedding

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