Wedding at Bee Tree Park, Kimmswick Bridge, and Hillsboro Community Civic Club | Heather and Riley

I arrived at the hotel where the girls were getting ready. As per the usual the guys had not made it yet, something about being out at the golf course. Haha. The girls were all having fun getting their hair done. The great part was I have worked with this hairstylist before at a wedding before. It is nice working with vendors multiple times, they learn how you work and I learn how they work. It makes everything so much easier with little space. 

I captured everything with the girls then the guys arrived, I headed up to capture some of their getting ready images. 

Heather and Riley decided they wanted to have a first look, I love first looks. First looks allow for a more intimate time for the soon to be bride and groom before they are standing in front of their entire audience of friends and family. See my blog about first looks and why I think they are…well amazing. 

5 reasons to have a first look

We arrived at Bee Tree Park, at this moment I was a little concerned. Heather and Riley had three spots in mind at Bee Tree Park. The first where we had their first look was simple to get to there was no one around. It was an awesome moment for the couple. 

Next was down by the lake on the dock; unfortunately, it was hectic, and we could not go down there. The next spot was at a house that is very popular at Bee Tree Park.

Now I must start by saying I called beforehand to see if we needed anything for shooting at Bee Tree Park, when I tried calling a couple of weeks before there was no answer, I tried calling again close to the wedding date and again no answer. My first thought was maybe it is due to CoVID. 

When we arrived at the house there was a wedding being held. I broke out in a sweat.

This was the spot I had planned to get a majority of the images. I approached the bride at the house and asked very nicely if we could use the areas of the house that they were not using. She was very kind and allowed me to use the front and side of the house. It’s too bad that all the shooting I wanted to do was being occupied by them at the side of the house with the patio.

It all ended up okay. The images I was able to capture turned out amazing and Heather and Riley like them.

The last spot we went to was a bridge they were familiar with. This place was neat. I was unable to scout the location beforehand so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Once we arrived the older style bridge was awesome, the downside it ran parallel with a train track bridge and the normal traffic bridge. Lastly behind the bridge was the road, so I had some elements that I had to workaround. 

We got a lot of images here, two of my favorites from the day. The image I shot from the train track bridge (which I do not advise and say approach at your own risk). The main reason I say that is because the train came through not 10 minutes later. Which resulted in another amazing image, but was still a little dangerous and reckless on my part. 

Once all that excitement had ended we left for the venue, Heather and Riley decided to have their ceremony outside and at the perfect time, the sun was setting and made for some amazing golden hour images. 

Now that the ceremony was over it was time for the party, and to close the night. It was an amazing night these two shared and I was happy to be a part of the vendors that got to serve them on their big day. 

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