The BEST engagement session locations.

When I book an engagement session with my couples the first and obvious question I have to ask is…where?

My couples look to me for guidance and while I know of a couple amazing places in the greater St Louis area to have your photographs taken, these images should be meaningful to my couples.

I start by asking where they got engaged. Most of the time those places are amazing and are very meaningful to my couples. Like the image below.

Without hesitation that is normally the place we will shoot. I love being able to in a place that is meaningful to my couples. I have photographed in very low light situations, one place that comes to mind is a barcade in St Louis called UpDown.

We capture nostalgic true to life moments of your wedding day. Want to find out if we are available for your wedding day click the button below. We can’t wait to hear your story.

Surrounded by old arcade games and a full service bar you can image that there would not be very much natural light. But as you can see from the images below I was able to capture something amazing for my couple. And that is what it is all about.

Courtney and Carson at Updown St Louis Engagment Photography

The second place is the venue, if the venue has time or will allow it. They might have most of their days booked up for other events, but this gives me the photographer some insight on what the venue looks like and potential images for the wedding day.

It also gives the couple more time to gather locations where they imagine images being captured and the photographer has time to scout that area for light and space. Its all about planing to give couples the best possible experience and capture moments from their wedding day to remember years after it has ended.

Are you willing to invest in missed moments? We didn’t think so. Contact us to ensure your wedding day is captured by professionals.

up down engagement photos

Do you want nostalgic true to life moments captured on your wedding day? Find out if your wedding date is available, click the button below.
We are excited to hear your story.

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