5 Ideas for a Romantic and Unique Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal

Here it is, one of the most popular days to propose to your forever love, Valentine’s Day! It is by far the most popular day for marriage proposals, so some creativity is required if you want to make your proposal one that he/she will never forget. Here are 5 ideas for creating a day your love will remember fondly for the rest of your lives.


  • At your favorite restaurant

    • This one is great, if the setting is right for you two the possibilities are endless. Do you want to put it on a piece of desert that she loves, or maybe in her favorite alcoholic drink. This also gives you that amazing setting to come back to years later. I must warn you on this one if it is on Valentines day be wary there might be others out there that have the same idea.



  • In a Photo Album

    • These have been becoming increasingly popular, with new types coming to the market like having drawings of you two in a flipbook with that surprise proposal at the end. Make an album of your amazing time together that includes pictures of the two of you at important moments of your lives, and on the second to last page write, something cheesy or incredibly romantic and on the last page write “Will you Marry Me” or “Will you be my better half” or maybe “Will you be the cheese to my cracker”.

  • At the Peak of Your Amazing Adventure

    • If you and your partner enjoy that extreme adventure, arrange to ask the question at the top of a cliff, on the edge of jumping out of a plane to skydive. The privacy of just you and your partner at the top of a cliff for a picnic sound awfully romantic to me. 
mountain landscape
  • Use the Fur Baby

    • If you have that beloved pet, have them lend a paw. Make a sign and have them bring it to your ture love asking for purr mission to marry them. Or have your amazing K-9 to bard the orders to become your forever. Either way including your extra member of the family is sure to excite and become a lasting memory.  

  • As a Stranger Takes Your Photo

    • This one is my all time fave (because someone like me gets to play a role ?). Take your love out on a stroll, find a romantic spot downtown after some amazing food. This is where I come in ask a photographer if they wouldn’t mind taking an image of you two in front of the city scape, hand the photographer your phone (gotta keep it not so obvious). Once you are in position it is time to ask, your hired photographer will capture all the memories of the your amazing night, you are a tricky one! 

valentines day image

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