11 Ideas on What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos and Where You Should Buy It.

Are you wondering what to wear for your engagement shoot? The shots that are taken during this session will be shown to everyone that you are inviting to your wedding and you don’t want them to look or feel awkward.

Before you jump on Amazon to get that latest prime deal or head to your nearest Nordstrom, check out the 12 tips below from a wedding photographer to put you on the right track.

1. Find something that makes you feel comfortable.

If you find yourselves wearing T-shirts and jeans 90% of the time, you are not going to feel very comfortable in a dressy outfit or a 2-3 piece suit. When I take my couples out I want them to feel comfortable as if it is just another day or a date night with the two of them. 

2. Do not match!

If you two are going to wear complementary colors that is great, but if you are both going to wear matching Ts that is going to look weird. Try to look for solid colors and prints that don’t cause a distraction in the photos.

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3. Pastels, Cool Colors, and Neutral Tones are your Friend

Think about it for a second if you are wearing a red or orange your eye or the eyes of people looking at your invitations will be drawn to that red dress or orange t-shirt and not you two as a couple. You want your invitees to be focused on you and your love. Whatever you do, DO NOT wear neon, just trust me on that one.  

4. The Color Scheme

This is a fun one, at this point, you have found your colors and know what you will be wearing (as far as clothes go), so at this point, it is kinda left up to me as the photographer. All the images taken from the day need to flow, to create an album or collection. I love this part because it allows me to bring out you two with the colors you have chosen.

5. Should you wear an Accessory

Accessories are tricky, and will they even be seen? Well, that depends, a watch or a bracelet with a long-sleeved shirt might just be overlooked. But if it is cold outside maybe a scarf or perhaps a sock hat will add to the image and feel. However, what if I told you a jacket is an accessory that opens a lot of doors plus it allows us to remove layers to change the entire image? 

6. Classic, not Trendy

This speaks to my style, I want you to have images that last through the ages, not the ones you look back on and say OMG that must have been the style back then. Look for something timeless. 

7. There can only be Two

You need to stick with only two outfits, if you are wearing a jacket like mentioned before then you can play off three, but two is the max. This is an engagement shoot, and most of the time they only last an hour, and changing is included in that hour. You don’t want to be put in a rush during the shooting trying to get as many outfits as possible relaxing and having fun as a couple is a goal here. 

8. Flatter that Body

We are indeed all snowflakes, clothing always looks better when it fits us properly. Each body type will have different types of clothing that will look best on it, then you will want to accentuate the area of your choice. I found some tips below to help a little more. 


Plus Size: Look for an empire waist dress or martini, they’re very flattering and emphasize the smallest portion under your bust, creating a slender-like effect from top to bottom. 

Small Chest: Look for textures or ruched styles that will help create fullness in your chest area. 

Apple-Shape: Look for an A-line style with a flow from the waist to the legs.  This shape is great for a dress with texture with or without a deep V-neck. 

Busty: Try a  scoop neckline that will offer support so the focus of the image is on your face, not your bust. 

Pear-Shaped: Focus on a cinching waist with an A-line that flares at the bottom. 


Plus Size Guys: This is a tricky one guys normally carry weight in our midsection, so you will want to wear a white shirt under a loose-fitting button-up shirt. 

Stocky: If you have a smaller waist with broad shoulders wear something slim fitting and make sure the shoulder lines of your shirt come to the center of your solder. 

Slim: A slimmer shirt will do you well, make sure it is long enough that if you raise your arms it does not show your belly. 

All Guys: As for pants wear what is comfortable nothing too tight or overly baggy think straight or slim, and dress in shoes or boots again comfort, I would suggest Clarks or Steve Madden brands.

9. Where to get inspiration

You can look through your Pinterest boards for moods and poses that interest you, however, don’t go into the shoot with you having to get these poses. Let your photographer use their elements and be creative. They know what to do and will capture you at your best. But show them what you have in mind. 🙂

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10. Use a subscription

I am very new to this so take it with a grain of salt as they say. If you are having trouble finding the right clothes or maybe just are not a shopping person, maybe try a subscription service like Stichfix.com or TrendyButler.com. I am not sponsored nor have I ever used them, but I do know people who have and have had great success. Plus they dress you, I mean how cool is that! My interest is peaked. 



This one is a very important one throughout this whole process, please don’t forget it. Locations will look different, and clothing for the season will be different everything changes with the season. It is obvious but sometimes overlooked. 

Winter & Fall: Bundle up it’s cold out there, I live in Missouri, and when we can predict the weather correctly during our winter and Fall can be cold. There are a lot of little accessories you can use and snow is fun so are the fall leaves, don’t forget the red, yellow, and orange. So winter and fall are not all that bad.

Summer and Spring: Don’t take summer and spring for granted guys, if you can’t or don’t want to wear jeans in the blazing heat (dresses can be hot as well, but not to worry). Take to the streets, and grab a cone of ice cream. You can also find a lake do some bathing suit shots if you feel comfortable, or maybe go for a hike with a romantic scenic view. Not to mention plants will be in bloom and your pastel colors will blend perfectly. 

That is it, so don’t make this a big stress, these images should be fun, and comfortable and show how in love you two are. Your photographer will be able to capture all these amazing moments between you two and deliver amazing images for you to send for invites or even hang on your wall. 

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