Amazing Wedding Styled Shoot at The Rose Oak Acres in St James, MO

This is the second time I have been to Rose Oak Acres in St James, MO. For the second time, I must say I was not disappointed. This was just a small styled shoot so the shoot will give you an idea of the locations at Rose Oaks Acres to have your wedding photography done. We will start in the getting ready house for the girls. 

  1. Getting Ready House at Rose Oak Acres

This house used to be the owner’s house, when they moved out they redone the inside of the house. Getting ready is an important part of your wedding day it is the time with your bridesmaids and a lot of fun happens. Plus it is the starting point of your story. I love capturing your wedding story and just like a movie or book we need a place to start. Just like the house, there is a guy getting ready room just off the venue which is newly built. This new room is amazing and the natural lighting is astounding. 

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2.  The Greenhouse

This is a very unique addition that I have not seen anywhere else. This little glass greenhouse is a dream. It is amazing for first looks if that is something you will be having at your wedding. However, if first looks are not something you are interested in this is a great area to just have some images taken after the ceremony. If you are unaware of what a first look is check out this blog. I personally love first looks, they can be amazing. 

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3. The Barn.

The Barn is your focal point, your main attraction so to speak. You can have an image taken in the front, the patio on the side (which is where the sun sets), or on the deck in the back (which has a great panoramic view). There are so many options outside the barn, you are sure to love them. 

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4. Inside the Venue

Your first dance, maybe even your first kiss (if you are having your wedding indoor or out), could all happen inside the barn. It is beautiful inside and your photographer should be able to capture some amazing images no matter what is going on. I have had the opportunity to capture amazing images both indoor and our doors of this amazing little venue. 

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In closing when it comes to a venue this little gem is an awesome one to tour. There is really no downside to this venue unless of course, your wedding party is huge, in which case this might not be the venue for you. However, you could always have everything outside depending on the weather. No matter the case you are sure to have an amazing time and your photographer should be able to capture some amazing images. 

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