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So have you heard of City Cottage on Chouteau in downtown St Louis? Neither had I until this wedding with this amazing couple.  

When LeeAnn and Alfred first booked with me they told me that they only need the reception covered, I totally get it, CoVid had the city on lockdown more or less. LeeAnn and Alfred had already had their ceremony in California if I am not mistaken. So, this reception was meant for their family who could not make it due to the virus. 

I must say it was a fantastic event with brick oven pizza, wine, and the video from their wedding in California (again if I am not mistaken). All the family and friends were loads of fun!

At first, my worry was am I going to be able to capture enough, I didn’t want LeeAnn and Alfred to feel as if they were paying for my services and not receiving my best, and I didn’t want to allow myself to undershoot, because as most of you know receptions can be one of the hardest parts of the day.


Well, it all really depends on the guest, whether or not they participate in the party. I have been to weddings where the bride and groom had their first dance and that was about all the dancing of the night. From a photographer’s stance, what do I do with that? I mean if that does happen I just get candid’s of everyone around the room but it’s hard to fill out the wedding day story when the dance floor is empty. 

That was NOT the case with this group. Everyone was excited about the couple and had a blast on the dance floor. I actually got one of my favorite images from the year on that dance floor, pictured below. 

But I am getting way ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning of the night. 

Once I arrived I realized, I have been by City Cottage on Chouteau tons of times and didn’t even know it. Without knowing exactly where this little gem is you can totally miss it. Even though it looks small on the outside, the inside can seat a good size party. It also has tons of amenities for your guests. 

The dining area is amazing with a stained glass window, a huge open fireplace, and the kitchen right there which helps the staff serve your meal quickly. The dance floor is amazing with seating areas and a huge bar that looks like something out of a movie. Your drinks can be served while you’re dancing.

Then right off the dance floor doors is the patio, the setting was so awesome and makes you feel like you stepped out of the city and into the secret garden.

Also, on the patio is a brick oven pizza stove!

Not just a small one, no, this thing is massive and you have the option of having fresh brick oven pizza made for your guest. I don’t know about you but pizza is one of my favorite things in the world so of course, this had me excited. Down from the brick oven pizza maker is a little indoor area where you can hold your ceremony, it was very cute. Leann and Alfred had their wedding video showing while everyone was waiting to see the new bride and groom. 

Most of the night took place on the dance floor, LeAnn and Alfred were an amazing couple that had a blast on the dance floor all night. Which was much needed during these crazy times. Everyone had a great time, myself included.

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