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I am no fan of the cold or the rain for that matter. But when it comes to getting an image, I will do just about anything. And this wedding was one of those times where I had to buck up and prepare for the cold.

And I am glad I did!

Here in Missouri it is tough to plan to get snow, I would say near impossible. But in this case the couple was lucky enough to get some snow, a fluffy white powdery snow at that.

Snowy wedding groom pictures

Here is the issue, it was extremely cold! I try my best to make sure my couples are comfortable and having fun and in my personal opinion being cold and wet is neither of those things.

So I made the ask

At Home wedding images

To my surprise given what she was wearing she was 100% on board and love the idea of playing in the snow. Can you say dream client! haha

backyard wedding sugarfire wedding megan and brad mg

So we went outside to capture the images, and they turned out amazing!

There is kindof a catch here it was a small wedding that happened at her parents home, that made the ask easy, we where able to go out in the back yard do the session then run back inside to warm up.

I knew I had to be quick so I could get all the images I needed and get them and myself back inside.

Overall I think we got some amazing images in-fact they hung some up in their house so I know they thought the images were awesome and that is all this St Louis wedding photographer can ask for.

But as a bonus because we love to go above and beyond for our couples I ask them to head outside for one more image, but this one was at their reception location. It is one of their favorite restaurant and mine as well Sugar Fire is an amazing space and we had to capture something awesome in front of their neon sign. Wrapping this amazing wedding up!

backyard wedding sugarfire wedding megan and brad mg

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