Is a second photographer necessary for weddings

During my consultation my second is a one service I love to see them add on, why well I am about to give you a few reasons why in no particular order. Just some things to think about for your wedding day photography.

First on the list is the split of the wedding party, what I mean by this is far too often are the couple is getting ready at separate locations so how are events suppose to be captured, enter the second wedding photographer.

But that is just the tip of the ice berg, think of this scenario, you are walking down the aisle and see your future forever love, who does the one wedding photographer focus on? They can’t point at both people to get all reactions, but if you had a second wedding photographer there one would cover partner A and the other partner B. That way you get both reactions.

Crazy to think what having a second person there to do a job can accomplish, right?

Let’s take it a bit further, let’s pretend the unimaginable happened and your photographer backed into the water, fell right in soaking their camera. If the camera is no longer functional what can you do? Well the second wedding photographer will have their own gear and things can continue as planned. The only thing that might be lost is the start of your day the rest of your day should be preserved on the seconds memory cards.

Speaking of memory cards what if the card in the main wedding photographers camera just fails, it has happened and while most of the time these days pros have two card slots and should be using them it could happen and your second would have you covered.

A second photographer can be used as a safety net while also capturing other memories while the main photographer is focused on the couple.

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