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The short answer, yes! The Noble is a venue with very high ratings and was even featured on the knot. It’s an art deco that kept many of its stunning details from its time as a bank when it was first built. The venue was built in 1929, and is actually the first skyscraper in STL, giving it historical significance. Inside, you can hold your wedding under vaulted ceilings among bank furnishings and accessories from the bank the venue once was. The vault has been renovated and serves as an additional area that you can personalize for your event. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of natural light while beautiful antique light fixtures illuminate the room at night. With 7,000 square feet of event space, the Noble can accommodate 250 guests for banquet-style seating or up to 350 for a cocktail reception.

The venue works on a one-day plan so you go unimpeded on your wedding day, and the venue hovers around a cost of $3000. If you would like a detailed guide on your wedding prices, check out my blog here.

Did I mention you can go on top of the building and capture photos there? You get a stunning view of St. Louis’ skyline and a chance to have some of the most beautiful photos captured during your wedding. The Noble provides you and your significant other with many backdrops for your photos as well. Their wedding package also includes local catering from Urban Canvas. A complimentary tasting can be arranged for four people so you can sample dishes and create your ideal menu. So with all this considered, would you want to book the Noble for your wedding day?

In my opinion, I think it’s a worthy competitor to other venues and their prices, and it’s a worthy choice if you want an indoor wedding venue for your photos to take place in. The building allows lots of light to be let in, so it can be a perfect choice if you like naturally lit photos. The venue is beautiful and unique in the way it’s set up, and anyone you invite to your wedding is insured to love the way it looks, and if you know how to plan a great wedding, they’ll probably have a great time on top of that. Before you make your decision, however, let’s do a short rundown of what the Noble has to offer.

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In the Noble’s wedding package, you get catering from Urban Canvas, obviously, a beautiful unique venue featuring a vault and roof access onto one of St. Louis’ first skyscrapers, backdrops for your wedding photos, all the natural light you could ever need, a worry-free wedding day where you and your party go unimpeded, and enough space to accommodate over 300 people. So with all this, why wouldn’t you book The Noble? Well, take your other decisions into consideration.

Say you want an outdoor wedding, and maybe you have more than 350 guests?

With all this, you have a decision to make, and it’s obviously not mine. The decision is yours, and you have to decide whether or not you want to have two separate venues, one at a place like The Noble, and one at a church, or other location depending on your religion. Or maybe you want to have one venue, maybe just located at a church. You have to take everything you planned and want for your wedding into consideration before you do anything. So booking the noble or not has many factors that could come into play, and ultimately, you should do what you and your significant other think is best.

Should you book The Noble in St. Louis Missouri?

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