Knotting Hills Wedding Venue & Resort Near Pevely, MO

All I can say is wow, Knotting Hills is an amazing wedding venue and the cost is well worth what you get. You might be wondering how much it costs, and the answer is to that question is…

I am not sure. I have searched everywhere, and other than calling the venue and asking them directly, I couldn’t find the answer to that question.


Not knowing exactly what you might be paying, the area still looks to be worth it. I would like to start where all weddings start, in the brides’ getting ready cottage.

If I have said it once I have said it 100 times, if you can get ready where you plan to have your wedding ceremony, then do it! It will make your life on your wedding day a million times more relaxed. Transporting people and everything else is just a hassle and leaves a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong.

Luckily Knotting Hills Wedding venue has you covered with their amazing getting-ready cottage. Now I don’t know for sure if they call it a cottage, but that is what it reminds me of personally and it is amazing. But don’t take my word for it, the images do the talking.

Well, what do you think? Amazing right?

From the chairs, mirrors, the amazing massage chairs, and the vast amount of room. Not to mention the amazing colors you get out of that place, it screams “come to have a seat, relax, and be pampered”! And on a day that you have devoted yourself to planning for quite some time, you deserve it.

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But what about the guys?

Well if you saw the house with all the games, the bar, and an amazing layout, there is no reason to worry about them. Unless they are in the middle of beating their high score and are running a little late for the wedding, or maybe it’s a high-stakes pool game that might pay for a big portion of the honeymoon. Just a thought. Have fun fellas!

Not that you have to, but their ceremony location outside is amazing and the perfect spot to exchange vows, but if you are having a winter wedding or want to get married inside for any other reason (like if you have Missouri weather), then they have plenty of room for you to have your ceremony inside.

Inside the venue is pretty massive and it can seat up to 300+ people, which is amazing, from there they can extend a little bit more because they have glass garage doors that open up for your guests to come and go outside and maybe even extend your seating. I mean, there are limitless possibilities here.

All in all, it was an amazing time shooting at Knotting Hills, and while I don’t know what their price is to have a wedding there, I do know they have options others don’t and you can’t go wrong with, this is an amazing venue, and it is definitely worth a visit.

Wedding Prices for Knotting Hills

So by know you might be wondering what knotting hills wedding prices are. Well thats a great question. Knotting Hills Wedding Venue in Pevely, Missouri is a beautiful location for a wedding. The venue has a starting price of $2,000 for a ceremony and $30,000 for a reception. According to Google, of course at the time of writing this prices might have changed.

You don’t have to go home but you CAN stay here?

Its the end of the night and time for everyone to head home, right? Well Knotting hills has you and some of your guest covered with lodging right one site, how convenient am I right. But how about your guest? Close by there is a Inn with plenty of rooms for your guest that is just a stones throw away.

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