Stone House St Charles wedding venue

I have photographed at Stone House in St Charles more than a couple of times and it is in fact an amazing venue. Here is what I can say about this venue….

A lot of venues in the St Louis area have their pitfalls, a lot of venues can’t hold as many of your guests as The Stone House Sycamore hall can hold a whopping 400 guests. Compared to a lot of the venues surrounding the St Louis area that is huge if you plan to have a large wedding party.

But hey size is not all that matters, right?

The Stone House offers a lot, I mean a lot. But let’s start where every wedding day starts. Getting ready.

The girls getting ready area, The Stone House

The stone house is a good size, so if you have a large bridal party you will fit comfortably. I have photographed bridal parties that were very large in size. They all had an amazing time and weren’t cramped. Not to mention the inside of the Stone House is breathtaking, there are plenty of photo opportunities just during getting ready. Even though I have shot at this location plenty of times I can still see possibilities waiting to be captured.

Here are some photos of Stone house St Charles. But hey let’s not forget the guys they have their very own spot!

The guys getting ready area, The Grooms Quarters

The common theme here the Grooms getting ready quarters is, you guessed it, big. There is a pool table a nice seating area and an awesome balcony that makes for a pretty awesome place to capture some images. There is not much else for the guys to do other than sit around while the girls are getting pampered, so this is a great place for them to hang out, play some pool and relax until the ceremony starts. Here a just a couple of images from the groom getting ready quarter.

Ceremony, you have options

There are not many places that offer multiple options when it comes to having your ceremony, but Stone House has options. They have a nice arbor built for an outdoor ceremony with plenty of seating for your guest that they provide. They also have the option of having your ceremony in the Scimore Hall which if you are familiar with Missouri weather it is never a bad idea to have an indoor backup.

After the I do’s

After your amazing ceremony has wrapped up then it is on to the reception, and I have to say with the amount of space you have in the Scimore Hall you are sure to have a blast on the dance floor. If I am not mistaken the DJ is provided in your package, and the ones I have worked with do an amazing job. You have the options for lights and stuff as well, you and your guest are sure to have an amazing time. Let’s not forget the bar, it is right next to the dance floor how convenient is that!

You cannot go wrong with the Stone House in St Charles, sure there are plenty of other venues out there but this one has so many hidden gems if you are looking for a large place this might just be the place for you. I can’t tell you the price or cost of The Stone House because it is not listed anywhere I could find. I have over heard some of the bridal saying that what you get is worth it, so I am guessing the value of the venue out ways the cost its self.

As a wedding photographer this is a fun place for me to capture my couples images, because there is soo much that can be done with the space they have. There are always fun and new ways to capture images at The Stone House.


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