The BEST Colors to wear for Fall Pictures.

As a photographer, I tend to look at colors the best I can during the photo-taking process. I have trouble picking the correct color clothes out. So, I scour the web looking for complementary colors for different seasons of the year. The season that is closest during the writing of this blog is Fall.

Everyone loves taking photos in Fall. Here is where I start looking. Fall Color Clothes There are so many different reasons people like Fall pictures. They have tons of color, the color is mostly warm and comforting, and it is just a fun time to take pictures. 

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The purpose of this blog is for me to show you the easiest way to find the correct clothing color for your Fall pictures. So the most obvious way is to well google it. You can find any clothing combination imaginable or you can bookmark this page and save it for later ;). 

Anyway, let’s get started, first up are the brown and maroon colors. These colors are awesome they can make your picture pop from the natural fall colors your photographer should be captured in their composition. But you can also do some artsy stuff and make the photos look moody with these colors. Below are some examples that I found on…you guessed it google.

Next up is one that everyone loves, yellow, red, and denim. If you decide to go with this color palette it will be very bright. Yellow being a part of this palette is not only fun but will brighten up the picture a lot. It will also go well with the vibrant colors of the leaves on the trees.

Last but not least is my favorite. I don’t know what it is about burnt orange that I love but it is just awesome. The color to me is just… Fall. I like the idea of a few dark colors as well it provides more contrast to the pictures and does not take away from others in the picture. If you are wearing yellow your eye will draw toward that person which is not necessarily a bad thing.


Having photos taken in the Fall is one of the best times to have them taken, the colors that come from the trees can make for some of the best photos to have displayed on your wall or to add to your photo book. So book your nearest photographer soon before their bookings fill, Fall is one of our busiest times of the year.

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