Wedding at Glenmark Farms in St Charles, MO | Valeri & Aaron

I have to begin by saying wow…just WOW!

Valeri was not your typical bride, she and Aaron were already married. I know right, then why did they need a wedding photographer?!

Well, I am soooo happy they chose me out of many other amazing photographers in the St Louis area. 

Wedding Photos valeri and aaron at Glenmark Farms

Valeri had her hair and make done at their newly purchased home. Her mother and a friend did her hair. Her Makeup was done by a Makeup artist by the name of Amy. Amy was amazing, I can’t speak about makeup but what I could see was amazing. So Amazing I invited Amy to do makeup at a new event I was holding. My wife and I started a boudoir studio check it out here, also check out Amy’s Instagram page here. 

At this point, after hair and make-up were done I took some dress shots before I got all packed up and off to the church. 

Once at the church I was kinda in shock, the church was amazing it was at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church. This stone church had all the areas a photographer could ask for. There were staging glass windows, archways that were amazing, and some amazing stairs leading up to the church. We hit all the spots we could before leaving for the reception area Glenmark Farms. 

Wedding Photos valeri and aaron at Glenmark Farms

The reception at Glen Mark Farms was an awesome little place. I must say I have a soft spot for barn weddings and this one was no exception. Everything looked amazing! During sunset is possibly my favorite time to shoot, you get those amazing colors (if the sky is clear) and the images usually are jaw-dropping. Capturing sunset images is only possible with an outdoor wedding and some of the most incredible images that really showed the love between these two amazing people. 

But the night was not over, I was able to stick around a bit longer and capture some fun! Receptions can go one of two ways, it can be dull if no one dances or everyone can have a blast. Valeri, Aaron, and their wedding party were on the ladder. They were so much fun I didn’t want to stop shooting. All in all this wedding was amazing and the couple, Valeri and Aaron were equally so. 

Vendor List

Venue – Glenmark Farms



phone: 314-229-0104

Allure By Amelia / STL MUA


Florist – Mexico Road Florist



(636) 278-4550

Catering Company – Andre’s


(314) 894-2622

Sweet Things Bakery



(314) 799-2157

Wedding Photos valeri and aaron at Glenmark Farms

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