You can’t afford NOT to have your photos printed!

Coming from a photographer this is a hard one to explain without sounding “salesy”. Being a photographer, I know it feels amazing to have what you captured printed. Photographers themselves are willing to spend their own money on their photos or the clients thought they were good enough to be printed to display. Now, remember the word “display”, because it will come up later in this blog.

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First off let’s talk about prints and why you should have your photos printed. Most of the photos you capture are on your phone, which ends up on social media and that is where they live.  They might be seen once and then forgotten. It would be extremely unfortunate if you captured that one special moment when you lost your phone or someone hacks your Facebook account and Facebook decides to delete the account altogether (which I have seen happen).

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On the other hand, if you have the photo printed, and even if it is a 4X6 you will have that hard copy for a long time, or if your photographer orders from a lab you will have a guaranteed print life of up to 200 years!! 200 years is a crazy long time, will Facebook or Instagram still be around then?

There are also plenty of studies that have been done stating that prints help with long-term memory, or your happiness index being higher when you have those prints displayed in your home or office, and an overall value for what you pay for when deciding to go with a photographer.

Read the study here.

So, with all that being said if you have photos then print them, does every single photo need to be printed of little Johny’s birthday? No. Pick five of your favorites and have those printed. If you can’t decide pick your five and have a significant other pick five they want and see which ones were decided on together. Or have little Johnny pick them, that could be fun. 

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Once you have them printed, then you can display them or scrapbook them and leave them out for visitors and family to enjoy. As you are showing the photos off you will begin to tell how the photo was captured, what was going on that day, all the way down to what you had for dinner. That memory is locked in and when you look at those pictures then they will be triggered. From then on you will think to yourself “I am so glad I got that photo printed”.  You will pass it on to your children and they will continue the story. Now sit back and think of the memories you have built with just a few photos. NOW GO GET THEM PRINTED! 🙂

leather Wedding album images

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